Another Resolution Bites The Dust


The tradition continues of being unable to sustain a New Year resolution for a whole year.

That’s why I make several of them… just in case one falls apart, I have backup, and a backup for the backup, and another backup! Just so I give myself a chance to say, at the end of the year, well I got XXX accomplished.

My resolution to do something new each week fell by the wayside after week 3. Week 3’s post would have been all about visiting this cool park in Los Angeles, with lots of hilly fields and a Japanese garden. I drive by it all the time and finally got a chance to dawdle in its prettiness. But then I got too busy to write about it.

Then I got even busier to follow it up with more never-done-befores.

Sometimes, life gets in the way of life sometimes… but I’m not complaining.



Marathoner, culinarian & gourmand, beach bum, poker/trivia enthusiast, Dorothy Parker-worshipping wit and all-around OK gal who likes to travel

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