A Running List of Things I’ve Bought During Quarantine, Vol. 1

It’s been seven months of quarantine. I’m doing well with the social distancing. I’m working on my health. With the exception of a getaway to my bestie’s house in Reno back in June, I haven’t gone anywhere.

But I’ve done a lot of shopping. A LOT of shopping.

Here’s a sample of the things I’ve bought online:

  • a new iPhone
  • a phone case for said new iPhone
  • 9V batteries
  • a lock pick set (because I have a habit of locking myself out of my house)
  • a drain claw (I have a lot of hair)
  • Baby Yoda face mask (I just got it the other day, it came from China)
  • two German Shepherd puppy face masks (they came from China, one of them didn’t have a strap)
  • a camera mount “necklace” (for all those cooking videos I planned to shoot and upload to YouTube — guess I’ll get around to it next year)
  • latex gloves
  • wine
  • sun hat
  • extension cord
  • Pilates ring
  • toning belt (it’s this belt that vibrates that’s supposed to melt the fat in your stomach and give you a six-pack… doesn’t work, but I love the buzzing sensation)
  • clothes
  • mic + stand
  • more latex gloves
  • booty bands
  • workout pants/top from Avocado (they’re super cute)
  • a bunch of DVDs and blu-rays (I’m too embarrassed to list them all here because honestly some are pretty terrible movies)
  • yoga towel
  • suede cap
  • gym bag (don’t know why, it’s been closed for months)
  • workout tops (you must have picked up on a theme here)
  • protein powder
  • hazmat suit
  • more clothes
  • Doc Martins
  • bandaids (yes, bandaids)
  • Black Widow hat
  • Captain America hat
  • Captain America shirt
  • a pink cap that says “Squad” on it
  • pumice stone
  • rubbing alcohol
  • even more latex gloves
  • shoe covers
  • a special BLM-inspired shirt from Lollapalooza (which was virtual this year)
  • Ring light (to look better on Zoom calls)
  • digital thermometer
  • Emergency hand crank charger (just prepping for the zombie apocalypse, y’know)
  • adjustable laptop stand
  • plastic face shields
  • RBG figurine (get yours here)
  • gloves (they were out of latex, so I settled for those cheap, oversize plastic food handler ones)
  • mobile hotspot
  • socks
  • calendar sponges
  • a trolley (so I can easily schlep the stuff I buy in person up to my apartment)
  • toffee (it’s not just for corporate gifts)
  • 5-lb. weights (waaaaay overpriced)

… And I’m not done yet.

# # # # # # # # #



Marathoner, culinarian & gourmand, beach bum, poker/trivia enthusiast, Dorothy Parker-worshipping wit and all-around OK gal who likes to travel

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