I like to think I’m a lover of the good life, budget-permitting of course. I’ve run two marathons  and opened – then subsequently – closed my own business.

I went to school to be a journalist but found a career in the Interwebs instead. A few years ago, thought I’d shake things up and go to culinary school. I’m hoping to marry my loves of cooking, eating and writing and do some kind of food writing. Someday. I hope someday soon.

For now, I work for an ad agency. I do love the work, it keeps changing so much and keeps me on my toes. All the views expressed here are mine and mine alone.

I’m working on a culinary memoir, when I’m not too busy searching the city for sales on maple bacon. Farmer John’s is the best.

I spent a lot of time at the beach, playing beach volleyball. Sometimes I think I spent a little too much time there. I play a lot of poker. Sometimes I think I play a little too much poker. I definitely eat more than I should. I’m learning to golf.

To many people’s surprise, I am a trivia hound. (Is it because I look like an airhead?) I don’t know everything, but I’ve won a few ducats on “Win Ben Stein’s Money,” “Jeopardy!” and “Who Wants to be a Millionnaire.” I know a LOT of sh*t but I still have plenty to learn.

Thanks for reading my blog, hope you enjoy!

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